Goodbye Graduating Students!! 😢 👋 12/05/17

We have said goodbye to a lot of students this week! First it was our wonderful 12 Saudi boys who left us to move onward to Aviation school, and today we said farewell to 10 more wonderful Lexis family members! 😢😢 We love and hate Fridays!!!

ANNA - Roz's Intermediate
ANNA – Roz’s Intermediate class
ANTONIO – Blair’s FCE class
LYDIA - Judy's CAE
LYDIA – Judy’s CAE class
MONIKA - Eugene's A'noon IELTS
MONIKA – Eugene’s afternoon IELTS class
My poor attempt at a group selfie! 😛
TAKAKO - Audrey's Upper Int
TAKAKO – Audrey’s Upper Intermediate class
TINA & AKIRA - Cassy's A'noon Upper Int
AKIRA & TINA – Cassy’s afternoon Upper Intermediate class

Good luck to each and everyone of you! Remember to keep practicing your English and KEEP IN TOUCH! ❤ ❤

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