Brisbane Festival

Brisbane is such a beautiful city and September is such a special month. Why? Well, the Brisbane Festival is here!

During the entire month the city changes colours and there are heaps of activities to do! From theatre, music, dance, circus and opera to the most awaited show: SunSuper Riverfire. There is also a huge humanoid on South Bank next to the Brisbane sign, make sure you get a photo with it after class

Image result for humanoid southbank brisbane

On Saturday 30th, Brisbane skies will be lit up with fireworks, so make sure you head to South Bank nice and early to grab a spot!

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For more information and details about the Brisbane Festival visit Brisbane-Riverfire-2006-09-03-04

Blind Food Tasting!

What do you do when the class topic is food?

You taste lots of yummy food!

Our Upper-Intermediate students had so much fun today when they tasted lots of yummy food while they were blindfolded! Yes, their eyes were covered with funny masks while they guessed which food their classmates were giving them! Would you be willing to try some food without seeing what it is?!

Have a look at the photos here!

Scavenger Hunt

Our Upper-Intermediate classes joined on Monday morning to go on a Scavenger Hunt around Brisbane city! Their mission was to send a photo or a short video of certain hidden beauties around the city, like:

  • A busker performing
  • The little red door on Burnett Lane.
  • Teaching someone to say “Hello” in their language.
  • An ibis bird
  • Tossing a coin into a fountain, etc.

Some tasks were more difficult than others, and in some cases, teams got very creative! (Performing live for money when they couldn’t find a busker, for example). But the winner was the team that found an Australian animal hiding in one of the common areas of the school! Can you guess the animal?….

After all that effort, Roberto and Nurse from Upper-Intermediate 2 took the winning prize!

Congratulations to everyone who took part in this fun activity!