Melbourne Cup: ‘The race that stops a nation!’

I guess you don’t know what the Melbourne Cup is unless you are Australian or lived here for a while…. Well, let me tell you a little bit about it.


The Melbourne Cup is Australia’s most prestigious annual Horse Race. The first race was held in 1861 and it was over 2 miles long/ 3.219 km and now its shortened to 3,200 meters.

It is held at Flemington Racecourse in Melbourne on the first Tuesday in November. Melbourne Cup marks a time when Australians dress smartly and appropriately to this occasion, or as Aussies say they frock up 🙂


Ladies wear a formal dress or gown often with an elegant hat or a fascinator and gentlemen wear their lavish suits. So you can imagine, this kind of dress code comes with an expensive choice of food and beverages- obviously!


Trays with oysters are flowing around and champagne corks are popping all day- I mean yuuummm!!!

SO!!!! Try to guess how many bottles of champagne were consumed in one of the year….?

……have a number yet?


46,570 – bottles ….Were you even close? WOW- that’s a lot of BUBBLY fun!

And have a guess of how many oysters were shucked?

Felling lucky this time….?


9,000 oysters…How many could you eat?

I usually stop after 3, guess I still have to develop the taste for it, maybe when I’m a little older hehe

🙂 So there you go, now you know about the famous Melbourne Cup 🙂 have you placed you bet?!

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