Meet Sarah Murphy – Brisbane’s front desk superstar ⭐

 I believe you all have already met – Sarah. She has joined our #LexisFamily in September so I think that’s about the time to get to know her a little bit closer.


We asked her to continue a phrase:

Languages you can speak : English and Irish.

I always wanted to be a hip hop dancer.

Brisbane best kept secret is Pancake Manor– a pancake Restaurant open 24 hours 7 days a week.

I’ll bet you didn’t know the average person in Australia swallows 3 spiders a year.

At 11am on Saturday, you’ll find me shopping or checking out new trail walks around Brisbane.

At 8 am on a Sunday, you’ ll find me relaxing at home on my balcony with my dog and a cup of tea.

My dream holiday destination is (ohhh, so hard!!!) Maldives or Santorini, Greece.

The best restaurant in Brisbane is Breakfast Creek Hotel.  It has different restaurants and beautiful outdoor area.

When you are in Brisbane, don’t miss foot-golf in Mt Gravatt then to the markets next door for some yummy food and a drink.

My English learning tip is practice makes perfect.

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