Day: July 13, 2018

What’s on this weekend in Brisbane (13/07/18 – 15/07/18)

Good Friday, everyone! Hope you are having pretty amazing plans for this weekend. If not, here are some ideas for you to look at, try and explore: Tonight at 6 pm we would recommend you to go to GOMA (just across the river) for  JAMES…

🎉🎓Gradation 13.07.18 🎉🎓

Congratulations to all the students that graduated today! Hope you all had a great time here at Lexis Brisbane . Some are going back to their countries and others are travelling to other parts of Australia. We wish everyone all the best and look forward…

Ben’s grammar tip of the week!

In English we have two forms of grammar: –Active –Passive   The Passive    Subject + Be +Past Participle +by the agent The Passive is a useful tense and we have many reasons why we use it. We do not know who did the action….

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