Ben’s Grammar Tip of the Week

Did you know that we have two types of verbs? State and Active.


State verbs are verbs that cannot be found in continuous form.

Active verbs are verbs that can be found in continuous form and simple forms.

How do we know if it is an active or state verb? Quite simply; active verbs are verbs that you can control. You can choose when you start and stop.

TALK “I can choose when I talk and when I stop”.



LOVE = Is a state verb, it is now and forever.


If you love Japanese food, is it possible to hate it? No, of course not, it is a state verb!


So remember, when you use a verb check to see if you can control it!

Do not use state verbs in continuous grammar structures.

-Present Continuous

– Past Continuous

-Present Perfect Continuous.

-Future Continuous

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