Day: July 30, 2018

What’s ON @ Lexis This week …..

Came and join in – activities this week are…. Monday, 30th July @  2:00 pm (Room 2), 4:30 pm (Room 4) | Grammar Workshop | Present Simple Tuesday, 31st July @ 2:00 pm (Room 2), 4:30 pm (Room 4) | Job Workshop | Resumes, Cover Letters, Interviews Wednesday, 1st August @ 2pm and 4:30 pm (Kitchen)| Healthy Juices and Smoothies – do not forget…

Welcome to Lexis English 30/07/2018

What a great Monday today! Plenty of sunshine and smiles here at our sunny Lexis school in Brisbane☀☀☀. We are welcoming today new students from all over the world 🌏: Karen, Paulo, Amanda and Reynan from Brazil; Carolina, David, Cristian and Karen from Colombia; Anji,…

Ben’s Grammar Tip of the Week

Suffixes Did you know in English we have these great things called Suffixes?! We use them to change words from Noun  ➡️  Verb  ➡️  Adjective ➡️  Adverbs   For example: Noun = Danger                 +suffix (ous)                      Adjective = Dangerous Verb = Hope                      +Suffix…

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