Ben’s Grammar Tip of the Week


Last week we took a look at Suffixes. This week we will look at Prefixes.

  • Prefixes are letters we put in front of a word to create a different meaning.

gramar pic


There is a problem with Prefixes. It is unclear if we should use a Hyphen or not. Unfortunately there are no simple rules with using Hyphens. You must memorize which Prefix uses one.

Ex– and Self- should always have a Hyphen.


Most Common Prefixes

The four most common Prefixes account for over 95% of prefixed words. They are disinre, and un.


The best way to learn Prefixes is by reading. Whenever you see a Prefix, write it down and pay attention to whether you need a hyphen!!


You can borrow a book from Paola’s office for free from Lexis!


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