🎓🎓 Graduation 10/08/2018

Congratulations to all our amazing students who graduated today 😁

We will miss seeing your faces here at Lexis English Brisbane.  We hope you all enjoyed your time here as much as we enjoyed having you here 🤗 🎓

Cassy's Class

Boomerang Painting at Lexis Brisbane

Today we did some beautiful boomerang painting and shared our stories on our sunny balcony at Lexis Brisbane. Thank you, Alvaro, Sandra, Rina, Alberto, Luna, Iris and Juliana, for coming and participating in our great activities. It was my pleasure to spent this  afternoon with such great and talented students.

What’s on this Weekend in Brisbane

Several cool festivals start this weekend in Brisbane. We all are going to have lots of fun, food, music and great time.

Don’t miss out  EKKA, Queensland’s largest annual event. It starts on Friday (today) and lasts for 10 full days with a public holiday on Wednesday (NO SCHOOL 😉). It is an agricultural  showcase with a chance to see sheeps, cows, dog shows and plenty of local food from local farmers.  More information here.

This Saturday you can visit two big festivals. One of them – Korean Festival on King George square with an all-day events which include delicious Korean food, live music and performances, K-pop dance, taekwondo and much more. The best part that the entry is FREE!!! So, invite you friends and enjoy multicultural Brisbane.

If you into SCIENCE we would recommend you to participate in  Brisbane Science Festival which starts on Saturday on South Bank.

Enjoy your Weekend and see you all on Monday!