Day: August 21, 2018

Today’s Jobs

  JOB WORKSHOP ON TODAY Today is all about jobs. Every Tuesday at 2pm in room 2 & 4:30pm in room 4 our dedicated teachers host Job Workshop to help you write an effective and successful Resume. This weeks topic at job workshop is: Useful Qualifications   JOBS IN BRISBANE Casual…

“Returning to Study at Lexis after 11 years”

Vic and Chris have been a Lexis homestay family since 2004. We had a request from a student to stay with Vic and Chris from a student who stayed with them 11 years ago!  Junko wanted to reconnect with the Guise family because she…

Ben’s Grammar Tip of the Week

Past Continuous The past continuous is a great tense when talking about a story that happened in the past. The form is was/were + verb ing   The main use of Past Continuous is: to talk about 2 actions happening at the same time….

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