Day: January 21, 2019

Ben’s Grammar Tip of the Week

Capitalization Remember 3 Key Capitalization Rules You may think that capitalizing nouns is a trivial (not important) grammar rule. However, poorly capitalized words are a quick giveaway that you haven’t quite mastered English writing. Proper capitalization helps your writing look professional, tidy and correct….

New Students 21/01/2019

Big and warm welcome to our new student: Jonathan, Maria and Laura from Colombia🇨🇴; Eider, Sara, Felix and Maria from Spain🇪🇸; Vittoria and Ursula from Italy🇮🇹; Amanda from Brazil🇧🇷; Yu-Cheng from Taiwan🇹🇼; Issei from Japan🇯🇵; Hwiyun and Hochul from South Korea🇰🇷.

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