Day: February 4, 2019

New Students 4.02.2019

Say ” Hi”, “Hello” and “G’Day” to our new students: Fernanda, Maria and Pedro from Brazil🇧🇷; Steffani from Colombia🇨🇴; Mioko and Koto from Japan🇯🇵; Carmen, Neus and David from Spain🇪🇸; Lorenzo from Italy🇮🇹; Kilian, Athena and Silvia from Switzerland🇨🇭; Brigitte from Belgium🇧🇪; Minyoung from…

Ben’s Grammar Tip of the Week

I and Me Aren’t Interchangeable Which one of the sentences below do you think is grammatically correct? Matt and I went for a walk. Matt and me went for a walk. If you guessed the first sentence, you’re right! However, don’t stress out if…

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