Our Amazing Graduating Students 🌏

What a week it was! Today we need to say Goodbye to our three Cambridge classes (good luck with your tests!👍) and our amazing General English students❤️️.

We are going to miss you so much. Travel, enjoy your life, meet new people!

                             You’ll always be a part of our huge #LexisFamily.🌏

Welcome to Brisbane! 💛 ❤️️ 19/06/17

Hello and welcome back to another week here at Lexis Brisbane! It’s a morning full of welcomes with the start of the June-August intake of Cambridge, as well as welcoming all our wonderful new students for the week! 🙌🙌 We have 15 new students in total, so please say g’day if you see them around the school! 😍


Back Row: Silvan from Switzerland, Amadeo from Argentina, Diego from Brazil, Jeongeun from South Korea, Jennifer from Switzerland, Irati from Spain, Sean from South Korea and Yasuna from Japan.
Front Row: Seok Pyo from South Korea, Marcelo & Hugo from Brazil, Miquel from Spain, Yurie from Japan and lastly is Francine and Luciene from Brazil.

Enjoy your time here at Lexis/Brisbane/Australia!! 😊🎈

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Student Testimonials – Marika! 😘

We said farewell to another #LexisFamily member today. Someone very special who has been studying at Lexis for a year!! 😀 Let’s meet Marika! Marika is originally from Japan. Her first day at Lexis Brisbane was on the 22nd of February 2016! On her first day, Marika was very nervous and only had a Pre-Intermediate level of English. She finished today, with an Upper Intermediate, Grade A level, and has also completed 19 weeks of Cambridge FCE!! 🙂

We asked Marika some questions about her time here in Australia, so keep on reading to see what she had to say!


Marika & Tara 🙂


Marika with her Cambridge FCE class.

What courses did you study at Lexis while you were here?
I started in Pre-Intermediate, and completed both Intermediate and Upper-Intermediate. I have also finished the Cambridge FCE course.

Did you go to more than one Lexis school?
I went to Brisbane and Sunshine Coast campuses.

What did you think of your classes and teachers?
Super good!! 🙂

Why did you choose to come to Brisbane? Are you happy with your choice?
Brisbane is not as busy as Melbourne, but also not too quiet. Everything is so convenient. I think Brisbane is the best city in Australia to live in!

Where did you live while you were here?
I lived with an Aussie family at first, but then moved to my own place.

Did you work while you were studying?
No I didn’t have a job… 😦

What do you like most about Brisbane/Australia?
The weather! Brisbane has warm weather all throughout the year.

What is your most memorable experience in Brisbane/Australia?
I can’t choose only one! All of my memories are unforgettable! I’ve been to Noosa, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Moreton Island, Fraser Island, etc… 🙂 But I did also enjoy meeting many nationalities at Lexis. They made my Aussie Life WONDERFUL!!

What are your plans for when you return home?
I’m going back to Japan to finish my university degree. But I plan on coming back to Australia after this!

We are so very proud of your achievements, Marika, and you should be too! 👍👍 Marika has plans to come back to Australia in August, so until then – good luck and we will see you again! ❤ ❤

If you or someone you know would like to get involved with writing a testimonial, please have a chat with Tara at Reception!

Have a great weekend, everyone! 😀

😚 CONGRATULATIONS & GOOD-LUCK to our Cambridge students!! 😚

Last Friday marked the final day at Lexis for our Fantastic FCE and Courageous CAE students. 😥


Classes of SEPT-NOV 2016!!!

To celebrate the end of their 12-week journey, they celebrated with a delicious picnic with their classmates and teachers in the Roma Street Parklands. 😋 What a lovely sunny day! 😍



Catherine’s FCE Class! 🙂



🙂 CAE teacher Daniel & FCE teacher Catherine 🙂



We wish you all the very best of luck with your final exams this Tuesday (FCE) and Wednesday (CAE). We know you will do your best – like many Lexis Brisbanites have done so in the past. We’re so proud of you!! ❤ ❤

A busy day at Lexis Brisbane! 5/9/16

What a busy start to the week here at Lexis Brisbane with our newest Cambridge courses starting today. We have 3 classes on offer this round – Cambridge First (FCE); Cambridge Advanced (CAE) and Cambridge Proficiency (CPE) certificates.

Along with our new Cambridge classes, we had a huge number of students starting their General English courses. In total, we had over 30 students starting today!! 😀 Wow, Brisbane has come alive!

Take a look at our new superstars!

Week 57 photo.jpg
Back Row (left to right): Yuri and Suelen from Brazil, Nadine from Switzerland, Ryu from Japan, Alberto from Italy, Paulo from Brazil, Francisco from Colombia, Jana and Fabienne from Switzerland, David from Belgium, Meiko from Japan, Cheyenne and Corinne from Switzerland.
Back Middle Row: Sara and Davide from Italy, Juan from Colombia, Jonghoon from South Korea, Louise from France,  Francesca from Italy, Samara from Brazil, Laia from Spain, Dami from South Korea.
Front Middle Row: Julian from Colombia, Mio from Japan, Sunik from South Korea, Rick and Raquel from Brazil, Noelia and Cristina from Spain.
Front Row: Adrian and Breixo from Spain.

Welcome and good luck to each and every one of you! 🙂 ❤ We hope you enjoy your first week here at Lexis Brisbane, and make plenty of new friends and memories along the way.