Student Testimonials – Meet Kevin!

In this week’s edition of Testimonial Wednesdays, we would like to introduce Mingu, or known as Kevin to us and his mates! πŸ™‚

KEVIN (Mingu Kong).jpg

Kevin is one of our lovely students from South Korea who studied General English with us for over 6-months! :O

He has big dreams and wants to live in and see as much of Australia as possible, so he decided to pack up and continue his studies in Lexis Noosa. On the 19th of June, he will commence the Cambridge First Preparation (FCE) course. Go Kevin!!Β πŸŽ‰ 🎈

We had a chat with Kevin about his time in Brisbane and about his plans for the future. Here’s what he had to say…:

Why did you choose to come to Brisbane and are you happy with your choice?
I chose Brisbane because I heard that the weather was nice. I had a good experience living here and enjoyed it a lot.

What did you think of your teachers and classes?
All of my teachers were very kind. They always helped me when I didn’t understand something. I learned a lot because of them.

Did you live alone or with friends during your stay?
I came to Brisbane alone, so I lived alone at first. But then I moved to a share house.

Did you participate in the Lexis Homestay Program/Student Accommodation?
No I didn’t, but I think living in student house is better than living by yourself. You get to meet a lot of new people and it will be easier to make friends.

What do you like most about Brisbane/Australia?
Everything! πŸ™‚

What is your most memorable experience here?
Before coming here, I couldn’t speak any English. But studying at Lexis has helped me meet and practice the language with people from all over the world.

Did you have a job while you were studying? Was it difficult to find a job?
Yes, but only a casual job. It is impossible to find a full-time job while you are a student. There are a lot of Korean people and shops in Brisbane, so for me it was easy. I had many jobs – food delivery, cleaner, even working at a golf club picking up golf balls! πŸ™‚

Do you have any advice for your classmates or new students studying English?
DO YOUR BEST!! Even though I am guilty of not doing this… πŸ˜›

What is your plan for the future, and will you continue learning and using your English?
After I return home, I will apply for another visa and come back to Australia to live and save my money! English is a very important skill to have, especially when finding a job, so I will continue to use it.

We are so proud of your efforts, Kevin, and we look forward to hearing about your adventures up north in Noosa! Please come and say hi to us if you are ever back in Brisbane. From all of us here at Lexis Brisbane – DO YOUR BEST!!! ❀ ❀

Graduating Students | 7th & 13th April 2017

Hey everyone!

We’d like to congratulate our wonderful graduating students from last week and this week! Please put your hands together for these wonderful people!Β πŸ‘ ❀️

Students of 07/04/17:

LIDIA - Jamie's FCE

Lidia – Jamie’s FCE class

VICTOR & LORENA - Eugene's Anoon IELTS

Lorena & Victor – Eugene’s Afternoon IELTS class

YUYA, N.Y, ERIKA, CELIA - Tanya's Int

Yuya, N.Y, Erika & Celia – Tanya’s Intermediate class


Yuya!!! ❀

Students of 13/04/17:

CRIS - Roz Upper Intermediate

Cristopher – Roz’s Upper Intermediate class

JAYCEE - Cassy's Anoon Int

Jaycee – Cassy’s Afternoon Intermediate class

NAYA - Eugene's A'noon IELTS

Naya – Eugene’s Afternoon IELTS class

Congratulations!!! πŸ˜€ ❀

Graduating Students – 31/03/17

It was a beautiful sunny afternoon for our graduating students of the week.Β β˜€οΈΒ β˜€οΈ A lot of our students who finished today have been with us for more than 24 weeks!! #WeAreSoProud

A big congratulations to each and every one of you for finishing your Lexis English journey. May this be the start of an exciting and brand new adventure!! ❀ Please keep in touch with us!

HANYONG - Cassy's A'noon Int

Hanyong – Cassy’s Afternoon Intermediate Class

LAIS - Audrey's Upper Int

Lais – Audrey’s Upper Intermediate Class

LUKAS - Clare's Pre-int

Lukas – Clare’s Pre-Intermediate Class

NORIKO - Mitzi's Pre-int

Noriko – Mitzi’s Pre-Intermediate Class

ROSARIO - Roz's Upper Int

Rosario – Roz & Jenny’s Upper Intermediate Class


The lovely Rosario and Judit

RYOTO - Tanya's Int

Ryoto – Tanya’s Intermediate Class

IGOR - Blair's FCE

Igor – Blair’s FCE Class