Let’s Learn About BRIS-VEGAS!! 🏢 🏫 ❤️️

It’s the first week of our new Option Classes, and what a fun first week it has been!

Today as part of Laura’s Discover Australia class, she took her students over to the iconic Brisbane City Hall – one of the oldest buildings in town. There, students attended the 100% Brisbane exhibit at the museum where they learned all about the history, listened to famous stories and other fun facts about our beautiful city. ❤


They even have “smelly tubes” that produce scents that remind you of Brisbane. Such fragrances included “Thunder Storm”, “Frangipani Flowers” and “Fresh Grass”. Kind of weird but VERY COOL at the same time, don’t you think?! 😀


Students had to also take notes of what they learned throughout the lesson, as they had to answer a questionnaire about Brisbane. Who thinks they can score 100%? 😉


Graduating Students – 09/12/16 🎉🎈😝

Happy Graduation to our students this week! We will miss you! Have a Merry Christmas, and please keep in touch!! ❤️❤️


Alicia from Sander’s Intermediate class.


Yuni & Hugo from Kay-cee’s Pre-Intermediate class.


Guillaume from Blair’s Intermediate class.


Akira who just finished 36 weeks of G.E and FCE!!

Lexis Students reporting from the streets of Brisbane

Sometimes our teachers encourage our English students to step outside of their comfort zones and put their English skills to practice by going outside and speaking to people on the street about real-life events.  This week, it was to find out what people thought about the US election.

From High Communication class teacher Blair:

Our High Communication Option class took to the streets last week to ask the people of Brisbane what they thought about the US election results.  Our survey showed 50% for Clinton and 50% for Trump, but the news sources say that 80% of Australians wouldn’t have voted for Trump.  Why the discrepancy?  Can you think of any reasons?

This made for a very interesting discussion class afterwards!


Today we are super happy to welcome our brand new students to Lexis Brisbane! They have come from eight different countries around the world.  They’ve all arrived safe and sound, and ready to begin their English studies with us at Lexis.  Here they are!


A sunny welcome to: Santiago from Colombia; Marco, Vincenzo & Saverio from Italy; Beatriz from Spain; Marion, Alison, Anissa, Adrian & Sarah from Switzerland; Ai and Saori from Japan; Elliot from Belgium; Andressa from Brazil and Christophe from France.

You CAN DO it!

At Lexis English, we want you to finish every study week feeling that you have learnt and practiced lots of new English.  That’s why at the start of each week, your teacher puts up the weekly ‘Can do’ Statements, as shown below by our lovely Upper-Intermediate teacher Sarah.  If you attend all of your lessons, (and complete all of your homework!) you should be able to say that you ‘can do’ everything on the list.  Good luck, and enjoy!


Teacher Sarah with her Upper-Intermediate ‘Can do’ Statements