Goodbye Joe!

Tomorrow we’ll say goodbye to some of our great students. Joe is one of them.  He’s been in Eva and Sophie’s Intermediate class for 12 weeks and has been a fantastic student! When he first started, he was very shy but quickly turned out to be a quite amusing and humorous person. He easily made friends in school and was well – liked by his teachers.

We’ve had a chat with Joe and he said he’ll miss everything about Lexis, especially his teachers and fellow students and will surely come back to visit.

Joe is going to Biloela in Northern Queensland for 3 months and then coming back to Brisbane where he will be working and enjoying the city life.

We’ll miss you Joe!joe

Café Conversation Club

Friday’s afternoon activity was our popular Café Conversation Club. Students went to a café with teacher Yvonne and talked about various topics. One of the students, Erica from Taiwan, wanted to tell us what she thought about this great way to spend Friday afternoon.

I really enjoyed Café Conversation Club because I had a chance to chat with many students from different countries. We had some coffee and biscuits and we talked about jobs, shopping, holidays and travelling in Australia. The teacher helped us to start the conversation, so it made it easier for us to talk. We should do it more often so students can practice their speaking and listening.


Lexis English Welcomes 8 New Super Students to its Brisbane Campus_19 May, 2014

Welcome to our beautiful country. We hope you have a super time here at Lexis and enjoy your travels in Australia.

Mirko, Maiara, Laura, Adrien, Hyeong Kon, Fabian, Ako, Gaetano
Mirko, Maiara, Laura, Adrien, Hyeong Kon, Fabian, Ako, Gaetano

19 Students had an Awesome Experience at Lone Pine_14 May, 2014

Another successful trip to Lone Pine this week, with nineteen brave students risking life and limb to get up close and personal with some of Australia’s trademark critters.

Teacher’s Day

In South Korea, May 15th is Teacher’s Day.  Two of our South Korean students, Jin and Joe love their teachers and so they brought them some lovely and practical gifts. (Teachers always need good coffee cups!)  Yvonne and Eva were very happy!

eva yvonne teacher's day
Yvonne and Eva with their presents.


Cambridge First Writing Task


Our Lexis English Noosa FCE students did a great writing task to practise their describing language.  It’s really good!  Check it out below:

  • After dinner and drinks she walked home. Following an incredibly delicious meal and a few too many alcoholic beverages, the young girl staggered home.
  • Lexis English is a good school. Lexis English is an absolutely amazing school, located in a lovely, small, coastal town called Noosa.
  • He met a nice girl on Saturday. The extremely shy, young student met one of the loveliest girls he has ever met on Saturday evening.
  • On the weekend we relaxed at the beach. On the long Easter weekend, we spent time chilling out with friends at Noosa’s gorgeous Main Beach.
  • She’s good-looking and intelligent.  She’s not only absolutely stunning, but she’s also incredibly intelligent.
  • My teacher bought a new car.  My favourite teacher bought a brand new, red sports car.
  • I cooked dinner last night. I cooked a tasty, full, three-course Italian meal as a romantic surprise for my girlfriend last night.
  • I studied hard but I didn’t pass the exam. I studied extremely hard for the exam but unfortunately the grammar was way too difficult for me, so I failed.
  • The playground was full of children.  Although the playground was old and filthy, it was packed with noisy young children.
  • We are enjoying the FCE course.  Despite the rather challenging grammar, we are enjoying every second of our time in the FCE course.

Thanks everyone, great work and I am sure that other students will benefit from this blog.

Cambridge First Writing Task.

Farewell Tom!

aaron and Tom
Aaron and Tom

Ex-student Tom visited today to say goodbye to all the staff at Lexis Brisbane as he is returning home to Saudi Arabia after nearly two and a half years in Australia.  He said the best thing about his time here was being at Lexis and meeting lots of people from all around the world.  He has made some great friends!  Tom is excited about returning home to see his family, but says he will really miss Australia.  Best of luck Tom!  🙂

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