Lucymar went to the Great Barrier Reef!

More and more students are going to the Great Barrier Reef, make sure you dont miss out!

Lucymar got the chance to go on the Great Barrier Reef trip last weekend. She got to scuba dive and see some really amazing sights.

Queensland is the only place in the world that you can see this amazing reef system so make sure you visit it while you are here!

If you would like to organise a trip, please see Robyn or Ryoko during your break for more information.

October Activities

This month’s activities are going to be great!

You can have a look at what is happening by just clicking on the link below:

Activities October 2008

Rooms for Rent

Rooms available for female students at Newmarket!

English-Speaking lady from the United Kingdom is looking for 2 girls for her to share her home with.

Included in the rent is:

– Electricity, Gas, Water and cooking utensils

– Single furnished student bedroom incuding all linen (towels, sheets, blankets)

– Good security (2 dogs)

– Close to bus in train (2 minutes walk)

– 2 rooms available from 16th September 08

– TV, DVD, Stereo (inc. Internet)

– A friendly atmosphere!

$150- single room, $160 – Larger room

Call or SMS Lisa on 0421 873 588

Great IELTS result

Martina got the results she wanted!

Martina completed 3 months of IELTS before she did the test. She got the result of 7.0 that she wished for. She is now going to join Business English to improve her english even more while she decides if she would like to go to University. Well done Martina!

Do have a Bedroom spare?

We have had so many enquiries about share accommodation.

If you have a bedroom spare and are looking for a room mate, come and talk to Robyn on your break. She will be able to help.

Great Barrier Reef

Tatsuya had a great time on the Great Barrier Reef weekend away!

Tatsuya decided that before he left, he had to visit the world’s largest coral reef. He went on his own last weekend! He got to see all the amazing marine life when he got to scuba dive for the first time, meet new friends from Australia and other English schools, and also discovered that he suffers from sea sickness!

Tatsuya: ” I want to go again!”

There was such high demand for this trip that it is now running every week. If you would like to go please see Robyn or Ryoko and they can help organise it for you. It goes for 3 days and is $380.

Did you know…

Optus now have prepaid wireless internet?

So now if there is no internet in your sharehouse, you can get your own! It is only $30 for 2Gb of downloads.

Check out or check out the Optus Store on Queen Street.

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