Let’s Learn About BRIS-VEGAS!! 🏢 🏫 ❤️️

It’s the first week of our new Option Classes, and what a fun first week it has been!

Today as part of Laura’s Discover Australia class, she took her students over to the iconic Brisbane City Hall – one of the oldest buildings in town. There, students attended the 100% Brisbane exhibit at the museum where they learned all about the history, listened to famous stories and other fun facts about our beautiful city. ❤


They even have “smelly tubes” that produce scents that remind you of Brisbane. Such fragrances included “Thunder Storm”, “Frangipani Flowers” and “Fresh Grass”. Kind of weird but VERY COOL at the same time, don’t you think?! 😀


Students had to also take notes of what they learned throughout the lesson, as they had to answer a questionnaire about Brisbane. Who thinks they can score 100%? 😉


Welcome to Cambridge! 🎈🎉 Afternoon Tea | 06/01/2017

To mark the end of the first week for our lovely new Cambridge students, we gathered around in the classroom for a yummy afternoon tea.


This round, we have 4 Cambridge classes on offer. 2x Cambridge First (FCE) classes with teachers Ben and Catherine; 1x Cambridge Advanced (CAE) class with teacher Judy and 1x Cambridge Proficiency (CPE) class with teacher Melissa.


Teachers Melissa, Ben, Judy and Catherine.

Everyone enjoyed some fresh fruits, chips and of course – TimTams! 🙂 They got to mingle and get to know their new classmates; what a lovely afternoon! ❤


We wish you all the very best of luck for the following 9-weeks. It will be challenging, but we believe in you!! 😀 ❤



Best photo bomb, ever!


😎 Fancy Friday Fun! 😘

This morning, the student kitchen was transformed into a fancy feast fit for a King and Queen.

Our Intermediate classes have been learning all about Indirect Questions this week, so to put this into practice, their teachers Sander, Blair and Sam hosted a divine tea party filled with cookies, tea and coffee!



Everyone was busy preparing for the occasion, by making fancy monocles and dashing mustaches that even Chopper Reid would be proud of! 😛


They enjoyed a lot of nice snacks from Australia as well as some International treats. What a great idea! 🙂


Tea Party at Lexis Brisbane!

This morning, our Intermediate classes joined together to have a tea party to practice their English skills in the student kitchen. 

They prepared their fancy bow-ties and necklaces in class for the occasion! 🙂


Busily preparing for the party. 


And dressed up in their formal clothes!


The lovely Adel serving some Saudi Arabian coffee. Yum yum!!!


There was plenty of food to go around, and the coffee smelled divine! ❤



Lead by Teachers Blair, Daniel and ‘Mad Hatter’ Sander, everyone enjoyed a nice refreshing cup of tea and snacks. ❤


What a nice way to finish the week! 🙂 Happy Friday, everyone!!