Goodbye and GOOD-LUCK!!! πŸŽ“ 🌷 Farewell Fridays | 04/08/17

Congratulations to all our wonderful students who graduated today!! ❀

Unfortunately we couldn’t get photos of all of you, but we do wish you all the very best of luck!! ❀ Please remember to stop by and let us know how you’re doing, if you’re ever in Brisbane again!


Aurelia – Roz’s Upper Int class


Fernando – Eugene’s afternoon IELTS class


Luca – Melissa’s FCE class


Rodrigo – Judy’s CAE class

Graduating Students! 😒 πŸŽ“ 05/05/17

Goodbye and good luck to all our lovely students who are leaving us this week! We hope you enjoyed your time at Lexis, and continue using your English out in the real world. Whether you’re staying in Brisbane, travelling or going back home, take care and keep in touch! ❀ ❀

HARUNA - Audrey Upper Int

Haruna – Audrey’s Upper Intermediate class

HEEWON & ALICE - Clare Pre-Intermediate

HeeWon & Alice – Clare’s Pre-Intermediate class

ISABELLA - Roz Upper Intermediate

Isabella – Roz’s Upper Intermediate class

PRISCILA - Laura Intermediate

Priscila – Laura’s Intermediate class

SANGMIN - Mitzi Pre-Int

Changmin – Mitzi’s Pre-Intermediate class

THAIS - Brittany Intermediate

Thais – Brittany’s Intermediate class

LETICIA - Eguene A'noon IELTS.jpg

Leticia – Eugene’s afternoon IELTS class

❀ ❀ ❀

πŸŽ“ Graduation Day πŸŽ“ 28/04/17

As we say goodbye to the last week of April, we also say farewell to more of our lovely students who have worked so hard to achieve their English goals! πŸ’ͺ πŸ’ͺ

ANNA & GIULIA - Clare Pre-Int

Anna & Giulia – Clare’s Pre-Intermediate class


Fabricio & Christian – Judy’s CAE class

GIWWONG - Emilio Int

Giwoong – Emilio’s Intermediate class

JIHAN - Brittany Int

Ji-Han – Brittany’s Intermediate class


Pedro & Wilber – Peter & Ben’s A’noon IELTS class

ROSELI - Roz & Paola Upper Int

Roseli – Roz & Paola’s Upper Intermediate class

TAKUYA - Tanya Int

Takuya – Tanya’s Intermediate class

Good luck to each and everyone of you! We wish you all the best for the future! Please keep in touch!! 😘😘

Graduating Students | 7th & 13th April 2017

Hey everyone!

We’d like to congratulate our wonderful graduating students from last week and this week! Please put your hands together for these wonderful people!Β πŸ‘ ❀️

Students of 07/04/17:

LIDIA - Jamie's FCE

Lidia – Jamie’s FCE class

VICTOR & LORENA - Eugene's Anoon IELTS

Lorena & Victor – Eugene’s Afternoon IELTS class

YUYA, N.Y, ERIKA, CELIA - Tanya's Int

Yuya, N.Y, Erika & Celia – Tanya’s Intermediate class


Yuya!!! ❀

Students of 13/04/17:

CRIS - Roz Upper Intermediate

Cristopher – Roz’s Upper Intermediate class

JAYCEE - Cassy's Anoon Int

Jaycee – Cassy’s Afternoon Intermediate class

NAYA - Eugene's A'noon IELTS

Naya – Eugene’s Afternoon IELTS class

Congratulations!!! πŸ˜€ ❀

Graduating Students – 31/03/17

It was a beautiful sunny afternoon for our graduating students of the week.Β β˜€οΈΒ β˜€οΈ A lot of our students who finished today have been with us for more than 24 weeks!! #WeAreSoProud

A big congratulations to each and every one of you for finishing your Lexis English journey. May this be the start of an exciting and brand new adventure!! ❀ Please keep in touch with us!

HANYONG - Cassy's A'noon Int

Hanyong – Cassy’s Afternoon Intermediate Class

LAIS - Audrey's Upper Int

Lais – Audrey’s Upper Intermediate Class

LUKAS - Clare's Pre-int

Lukas – Clare’s Pre-Intermediate Class

NORIKO - Mitzi's Pre-int

Noriko – Mitzi’s Pre-Intermediate Class

ROSARIO - Roz's Upper Int

Rosario – Roz & Jenny’s Upper Intermediate Class


The lovely Rosario and Judit

RYOTO - Tanya's Int

Ryoto – Tanya’s Intermediate Class

IGOR - Blair's FCE

Igor – Blair’s FCE Class

❀️ Graduating Students – 17/02/17 πŸ˜’

Today we said goodbye to more beautiful Lexis Brisbane students! We’ve enjoyed watching your English improve over the last few months. For some, such as Marika, she has been with Lexis for 40 WEEKS!! :O Congratulations to all of you!!

DEAN - Tanya's Intermediate.jpg

Dean – Tanya’s Intermediate class

JUAN & JONAS - Roz Upper Int.jpg

Juan & Jonas – Roz’s Upper Intermediate class

MARIKA - Ben's FCE.jpg

Marika – Ben’s FCE class

SHIORI & RAQUEL - Peter's A'noon Pre-Int.jpg

Shiori & Raquel – Peter’s afternoon Pre-Intermediate class

Take care!! ❀ We will miss you!!

πŸ’• Graduating Students – 10/02/17 πŸ‘

It’s the end of the week, and the end of another Lexis journey for these students. We will miss you all! Please take care and keep in touch! 😘😘


Almir – Sam’s Intermediate class


Giuseppe – Clare’s Pre-Intermediate class


Haeun – Tanya’s Intermediate class


Kosuke – Emilio’s Intermediate class


Leo – Mitzi’s Elementary class

YUN - Eugene's A'noon IELTS.jpg

Yun – Eugene’s Afternoon IELTS class