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👋 Graduation Fridays – 26/05/17 🎓

Despite having only 3 students leave us today, it is still sad saying goodbye. We wish you all the very best of luck on your upcoming journeys, and we hope you had a wonderful time here at Lexis Brisbane. Please keep in touch!! ❤…

Graduating Students! 😢 🎓 05/05/17

Goodbye and good luck to all our lovely students who are leaving us this week! We hope you enjoyed your time at Lexis, and continue using your English out in the real world. Whether you’re staying in Brisbane, travelling or going back home, take…

🎓 Graduation Day 🎓 28/04/17

As we say goodbye to the last week of April, we also say farewell to more of our lovely students who have worked so hard to achieve their English goals! 💪 💪 Good luck to each and everyone of you! We wish you all…

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