Let’s Learn About BRIS-VEGAS!! 🏒 🏫 β€οΈοΈ

It’s the first week of our new Option Classes, and what a fun first week it has been!

Today as part of Laura’s Discover Australia class, she took her students over to the iconic Brisbane City Hall – one of the oldest buildings in town. There, students attended the 100% Brisbane exhibit at the museum where they learned all about the history, listened to famous stories and other fun facts about our beautiful city. ❀


They even have “smelly tubes” that produce scents that remind you of Brisbane. Such fragrances included “Thunder Storm”, “Frangipani Flowers” and “Fresh Grass”. Kind of weird but VERY COOL at the same time, don’t you think?! πŸ˜€


Students had to also take notes of what they learned throughout the lesson, as they had to answer a questionnaire about Brisbane. Who thinks they can score 100%? πŸ˜‰


Welcome to Lexis Brisbane! πŸ™Œ 05/06/17

We started the first week of June with a bang – with a whopping 14 new students starting today!! πŸ˜€ Meet the newest members of the #LexisFamily! ❀

Back Row: Gaku from Japan, Anna from Germany, Luan and Karoline from Brazil, Jiyoung from South Korea, Laislaura from Brazil, Jaehee from South Korea and Jolie from Brazil.
Middle Row: Narumi from Japan, Gayeong from South Korea and Mariana and Felipe from Brazil.
Front Row: Gabriel from Brazil and Eduardo from Spain!

Welcome everyone!! We hope your time here is enjoyable, and that you make lotsΒ of nice memories! If you have any questions regarding the school, Brisbane or just want to have a chat, come and talk to any of us anytime! πŸ˜€

Lexis Brisbane’s Very Own Medical Professionals! πŸ’ͺ

Lexis Brisbane has recently started a newΒ English for Medical Professionals (EMP) course, which has gained a lot of interest. This course is designed for those who are looking to work, or have been working in the medical profession – such as nurses, chiropractors and even doctors!

We currently have 4 lovely young ladies taking part in this course, which commenced again from today. They are learning from Lexis’ very ownΒ English teacher/chemist Catherine, who has years of experience in this field! πŸ™‚ Wow!!


If you’re interested in taking this course, talk to one of our friendly staff who can help you with your options! πŸ™‚

β˜•οΈ A little bit fancy… πŸ°

Recently, our Intermediate classes have been learning all about ‘Indirect Questions’ such as “Could you pass me the tea?” or “Would you be able to cut me a slice of cake?”.Β Today in the student kitchen, they practiced using this very polite style of speech at the Lexis Tea Party, where even the Queen herself made an appearance. What a great idea! πŸ™‚


πŸ™Œ New Students | 08/05/17 πŸ™Œ

We had another busy morning here at Lexis Brisbane, with 12 new students starting their Aussie Experience today! Give a big round of applause for…:


Back Row: Vania from Brazil, Maria from Chile, David from Spain, Lucas from Brazil and Yukiko from Japan.
Front Row: Jerica from Switzerland, Jinyoung from South Korea, another Maria from Chile πŸ™‚ , Alexandra from Spain, Rossella from Italy and Aya from Japan.

We also have Emilio joining us from Lexis Perth, who is originally from Switzerland as well. Welcome to Brisbane, Emilio! πŸ™‚

We wish you all the very best of luck for your first week here at Lexis! If you have any questions, just ask! πŸ˜€


πŸŽ“ Graduation Day πŸŽ“ 28/04/17

As we say goodbye to the last week of April, we also say farewell to more of our lovely students who have worked so hard to achieve their English goals! πŸ’ͺ πŸ’ͺ

ANNA & GIULIA - Clare Pre-Int

Anna & Giulia – Clare’s Pre-Intermediate class


Fabricio & Christian – Judy’s CAE class

GIWWONG - Emilio Int

Giwoong – Emilio’s Intermediate class

JIHAN - Brittany Int

Ji-Han – Brittany’s Intermediate class


Pedro & Wilber – Peter & Ben’s A’noon IELTS class

ROSELI - Roz & Paola Upper Int

Roseli – Roz & Paola’s Upper Intermediate class

TAKUYA - Tanya Int

Takuya – Tanya’s Intermediate class

Good luck to each and everyone of you! We wish you all the best for the future! Please keep in touch!! 😘😘

Graduating Students – 31/03/17

It was a beautiful sunny afternoon for our graduating students of the week.Β β˜€οΈΒ β˜€οΈ A lot of our students who finished today have been with us for more than 24 weeks!! #WeAreSoProud

A big congratulations to each and every one of you for finishing your Lexis English journey. May this be the start of an exciting and brand new adventure!! ❀ Please keep in touch with us!

HANYONG - Cassy's A'noon Int

Hanyong – Cassy’s Afternoon Intermediate Class

LAIS - Audrey's Upper Int

Lais – Audrey’s Upper Intermediate Class

LUKAS - Clare's Pre-int

Lukas – Clare’s Pre-Intermediate Class

NORIKO - Mitzi's Pre-int

Noriko – Mitzi’s Pre-Intermediate Class

ROSARIO - Roz's Upper Int

Rosario – Roz & Jenny’s Upper Intermediate Class


The lovely Rosario and Judit

RYOTO - Tanya's Int

Ryoto – Tanya’s Intermediate Class

IGOR - Blair's FCE

Igor – Blair’s FCE Class