🎉🤡 The Ekka | 2017 🤡 🎉

I can smell that delicious scent of dagwood dogs and hear the sounds of roller-coasters already. Oh my god – that must mean it’s EKKA time!!! 🎈 🙌


For those of you who don’t know about the Ekka, it is a carnival that is held annually in Brisbane which celebrates Queensland’s farming culture and lifestyle. It runs across 10 days and starts THIS FRIDAY!

The easiest way to get there is by train, with special Ekka only trains departing Central & Fortitude Valley train stations every 20 minutes! 🙂

You can buy your tickets online here or at the door.
$$ Remember to take your Lexis Student Card to get a discount!! $$ 

💥💥 Be sure to hashtag #LexisAtTheEkka on Facebook & Instagram if you decide to go. We’d love to hear about your experience and see all your wonderful photos!! 💥💥

Welcome to Lexis Brisbane!! 7/11/16

A big warm welcome to our brand new starters for the week!! 😀 ❤

Week 66 photo.jpg

Matteo from Italy, Christian from Brazil, Lucia from Spain, Wilber from Brazil, Ismael from Chile, Dan from Switzerland, Keisuke from Japan, Mingu from South Korea, Anita also from Switzerland and lastly is Jisoo from South Korea! 😀

Welcome everyone! What a great nationality mix we have, this week. We hope you have a great time here at Lexis Brisbane! ❤ ❤

12 Terrific New Students! :D

This morning we welcomed 12 new faces to the Lexis Gang! 🙂 This week we had a lot of students joining us from Spain, Brazil and Japan in particular, as well as Switzerland and South Korea! Let’s meet them all now! 😀

Week 42 photo.jpg
Back Row: Marti from Spain,  Bruno and Licio from Brazil, Go from Japan who has spent the last 6 months at Lexis Perth and is continuing  his Aussie Adventure here in Brisbane! 🙂
Middle Row: Judith from Switzerland, Saleta from Spain, Misaki from Japan, Iara from Brazil and Hyun Hee from South Korea.
Front Row: Masumi, Natsumi and Chisa all from Japan!

We hope you enjoy your first week. If you have any questions about your classes/Lexis/Brisbane/Australia/ANYTHING – you need only ask! 🙂 Have fun!!