A Warm Welcome To Brisbane!! ☀️ 12/06/17

Hello and welcome to another week at Lexis Brisbane! We were joined by 9 lovely new students this morning from 3 different countries! 🙌 Put your hands together for…:

Back Row: Jeong Hyeon from South Korea, Camila from Brazil, Hye Joon from South Korea, Vinicius from Brazil and Jeisson from Colombia.
Front Row: Karen, Suzeli & Nathalia from Brazil, and Laura from Colombia.

We hope you enjoy your first week here in Brisbane and Lexis, of course! 🙂 Enjoy our warm, sunny Winter days! ❤ As always, if you have any questions, you only need to ask!

🙌 First Day at Lexis Brisbane – 29/05/17 ðŸ™Œ

A big welcome to our newest students for the week! 🙂 We were joined by 11 lovely new faces yesterday! Say hello to…:

29.05.17 (1)

Back Row: Hikaru from Japan, Paulo, Victor, Paulo, Victor and Daniel from Brazil!
Front Row: Larissa from Brazil, Kathya from Peru, Jiyeon from South Korea and Alex from Chile!


And lastly is Joao who is also from Brazil!! 🙂

Welcome to Lexis Brisbane!! ❤ ❤

New Students! 😘❤️ 16/01/17

What a bright and wonderful morning it was here at Lexis Brisbane! This morning, we welcomed 13 new students to the family! ❤ Here they are!

Week 75 photo.jpg

Back Row: JaeHo from South Korea and Florian from Switzerland.
Middle Row: Isabella from Brazil, Eunji from South Korea, Midori who transferred here from Lexis Perth but is from Japan originally, Jasmin also from Switzerland, Sanguk from South Korea, Lorena from Spain, Seungbin from South Korea and Lidia from Italy.
Front Row: Namyoung from South Korea, Lidia from Spain and Giuseppe from Italy.

A very big welcome to each and every one of you! 😀 We hope you enjoy your first week here at Lexis, and make plenty of wonderful memories along the way!